Product Building Fundamentals w/ Halim MADI, PM @ Oculus

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Product = « a thing produced by work »
Management = « the conducting of something »


  1. Planning : transforming problems into valuable product
  2. Prioritazing : prioritize ruthlessly
  3. Managing :
    leading with no authority :pray:
    what you manage is the PRODUCT :yarn:
    « they might play an instrument but they don’t play all instruments » :notes:


  1. Understand = What your goal is and why it matters ?
    #Tips : « People Problem Statement »
    :point_right: build products around problems and goals, not solutions.

a. What people problem are we trying to solve ?
:point_right: listen and find a human, simple and straightforward problem.

b. How do we know this is a real problem ?
:point_right: just take a look at the data.

c. How will we know if we’ve solved this problem ?
:point_right: imagine what the future will be

  1. Identify
    :point_right: Best opportunities to achieve your goal.
    :point_right: Not random ideas !
    :point_right: Why you are doing what your are doing ?

  2. Execute
    :point_right: Doesn’t matter if you didn’t understand/identify correctly.
    :point_right: It all needs to hold together.

…Chill x Talk to people you don’t know :footprints: